Expert in its field, TUNIBER offers effective solutions in the field of urban wastewater and drinking water treatment, seawater and brackish water desalination.

Pumping station

In fluids transfer and pumping field, TUNIBER is in charge of the study and execution of pumping stations of all kinds: irrigation, transfer of dam water, pumping of wastewater at-sea emissaries, high-pressure pumping and drinking water pumping. We have designed and equipped many pumping stations that go up to a flow of 6.3m/s

Wastewater purification station

Leader in the field of urban and industrial wastewater treatment in Tunisia, TUNIBER provides you the expertise of its highly qualified and multidisciplinary staff to assist you in the different phases of your project, while taking environment and energy stakes into account.

Drinking water treatment station

New drinking water production technologies are being introduced to meet the needs of the growing population. One promising technique is seawater or brackish water desalination by reverse osmosis or electro dialysis.

Engineering and construction

Our teams are present to guide you, direct you and assist you in your projects in various fields whether mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or process.


Our company is based on the values of safety, sustainable development, responsibility, satisfaction and innovation.


TUNIBER’s reputation is based on the competence of its staff and its commitment to providing quality services. Our team is distinguished by its dynamism, its willingness to innovate and by the integration of advanced technologies in its design processes and activities.


A customer-oriented strategy, development and reinforcement of our links with our partners is the service culture at TUNIBER. This culture allows us to maintain trust relationships with an increasingly important clientele


Nous avons axé notre politique qualité sur un dynamisme de créativité et une communication innovante et efficace.
TUNIBER présente toujours des solutions créatrices de valeurs avec des technologies et services innovantes axés sur la protection de la planète ainsi que les économies d’eau et d’énergie

Sustainable development

TUNIBER relies on the use of many technologies that are part of a sustainable development logic; such as tertiary treatment. These techniques help preserve our water resources, which are a major concern in our ecosystem.


People and installations protection is a priority at TUNIBER, which sets up preventive measures to eliminate the possible causes of incidents, accidents and occupational diseases as much as possible.