TUNIBER Engineering & Construction

Since its foundation in June 2004, TUNIBER Engineering & Construction has positioned itself as a major player in the water treatment sector, thanks to its willingness to participate in national and international sustainable development efforts combined with a policy of its activities continuous consolidation.

TUNIBER Engineering & Construction is dedicated to engineering, construction and turnkey industrial projects exploitation, especially in the field of urban and industrial wastewater treatment, drinking water, seawater and brackish water desalination, as well as the polluted air treatment.

Since its foundation, TUNIBER Engineering & Construction has been pursuing a gait of progress and innovation in order to meet the expectations of water treatment sector at both national and international levels.

TUNIBER Engineering & Construction is ISO 9001 certified in its 2015 version and continues its improvement efforts by preparing for ISO 45001 certification in its 2015 version.

TUNIBER Engineering & Construction is ISO 900, 2015 version certified and it continues its improvement efforts by preparing the ISO 4500,1 2015 version certification.
TUNIBER Engineering & Construction has acquired a great experience in the execution of turnkey projects and it supports you till your projects concretization.
Our experts are able to support you from the start-up phase to the commissioning and the projects implementation.

Our references are various and they incorporate technology forefront equipments

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